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Our Journey: From Shop to Premier Parts Distributor

Our journey didn't start with being a parts company; we became one out of necessity, driven by the challenges we encountered in our own business.

25 Years Ago: We began as Eastern Transmission, a family-operated business led by a father and his two sons. Starting as a modest transmission shop, we've since grown into a powerhouse in the transmission industry.

Our path to becoming a parts business was shaped by the needs of our builders and our commitment to expansion.

Our Mission: We're dedicated to providing you with parts in the most efficient manner possible. Our aim is to help you build more, speed up job completion, increase your profit margins, reduce deliveries, minimize comebacks, set a new standard, and limit part returns (we're proud to share that in 2021, we had zero returns).

Our promise: Say goodbye to chasing credits and the valuable time and money that goes with it. We're here to ensure your operations run smoothly, so you never have to look back.

Welcome to our story of evolution, growth, and a relentless commitment to your success.