TransGo 4L60E SHIFT KIT® - Premium Valve Body Repair for GM Vehicles (1993-2015)

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TransGo 4L60E SHIFT KIT®: Superior Transmission Performance for GM Vehicles (1993-2015)

Redefining Transmission Efficiency and Durability

Equip your General Motors vehicle with an unmatched transmission solution. Tailored for 1993-2015 GM vehicles with the 4L60E, 4L65E, and 4L70E automatic transmissions, this kit addresses common complaints like TCC slip, harsh 1-2 shifts, and 3-4 clutch plate burnout.

Prominent Features:

  1. Targeted Corrections: Designed to handle challenges like TCC slip, harsh shifts, double bump shifts, and 3-4 clutch plate failures.
  2. Durability Meets Smoothness: Modifications provide short, smooth shifts and increased durability, enhancing driving experience.
  3. Holistic Calibration: Recalibrates the entire accumulation system, leveraging a slight pressure boost to upgrade overall transmission durability and feel.
  4. Premium USA Components: Features a USA-made TCC isolator and regulator valve to optimize hydraulic integrity. Compatible with vehicles with and without active fuel management (AFM).

What's Inside:

  • Accumulator springs (x5) and a collection of pressure regulator valve springs.
  • EPC screen, wire spacer, and an oversized 1-2 checkball.
  • Essential tools: 2 drill bits and 2 reverse input piston orifice cup plugs.
  • USA-crafted hardened steel TCC regulator and isolator valve components.
  • A comprehensive set of valve springs, shims, spacers, and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Tackles TCC slip or shudder.
  • Resolves harsh and double bump shifts.
  • Prevents clutch plate and band failures.
  • Addresses pump and valve bore wear.

Note: Experience a significant upgrade in driving characteristics post-installation. A top choice among professional transmission rebuilders globally.

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