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Elevate Your Transmission Restoration with ET Global's Premium 545RFE Kit with Steels

Specifically crafted for CHRYSLER and DODGE vehicles manufactured from 2003 onward, this kit exemplifies precision engineering combined with unmatched quality:

  • Premium Overhaul Kit: All-inclusive components ensuring a comprehensive and efficient rebuild.

  • Friction Plate Kit (BW): Features top-of-the-line BW friction plates, guaranteeing smooth shifts and prolonged durability.

  • Bonded Piston Kit (OEM 5 PCS): Boasts authentic OEM bonded pistons for accurate and dependable operation.

  • Dual Filters (Internal & Spin-On OEM): Genuine OEM filters designed to maintain a pristine transmission environment, safeguarding against contaminants.

  • Bushing & Steel Plate Kits: Ensures structural integrity and stability, a pivotal aspect of any robust rebuild.

  • Pump Bushing (DB): Experience the resilience and performance of the DB pump bushing in your rebuild.

ET Global Distinction: We stand apart, setting a gold standard in the industry with an astonishing 100% consistency in product quality. With the highest proportion of genuine OEM components, our kits are unparalleled. Remember, when you see the ET Global brand, it symbolizes the trusted quality and expertise inside the box.

In line with the benchmarks of the best in the business, our kit stands peerless, promising superior quality and unmatched performance. Our extensive experience is your guarantee. Should you need technical assistance or any additional components, we're always here to assist.

Experience a superior transmission rebuild with the ET Global Premium 545RFE Kit with Steels. Start your unparalleled rebuild journey with us now!

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