1998-2003 Dodge 47RE Transmission Standard Rebuild Kit Without Steels

Sale price$330.00


Enhance your transmission restoration with the ET Global Premium 47RE Standard Kit Less Steels Rebuild Kit. Specifically curated for DODGE vehicles from the era of 1998 to 2003, this kit represents meticulous engineering and unrivaled quality:

Premium Overhaul Kit: Comprehensive components tailored for a flawless and efficient rebuild.

Friction Plate Kit (BW): Integrating superior BW friction plates for seamless shifts and prolonged wear resistance.

Filter (FILTRAN): Deploying a FILTRAN filter, ensuring optimal fluid cleanliness and extending transmission lifespan.

Kickdown Band (BW) & Reverse Band (Double Wrap): Optimized bands for smooth transitions and durable performance.

Pump Bushing & Bushing Kit (DB): Incorporating durable DB bushings for a robust transmission foundation.

Thrust Washer Kit: Ensuring precise spacing and reducing friction between rotating components.

ET Global's Premium Rebuild Kits are industry frontrunners, showcasing an unparalleled 100% product consistency. Our kits stand out, boasting the highest percentage of genuine OEM components available. When you choose ET Global, it's not merely about the brand on the box; it's a promise of the trusted quality within.

Formulated with the rigorous standards synonymous with top-tier remanufacturers, our kit offers an unmatched fusion of components, second to none in performance and longevity. Backed by a legacy of expertise, we're here to support you – be it through technical assistance or procuring additional parts.


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